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Wizkid Said He has Started Working On A New Album

Starboy Wizzy, is letting all of us know work just begun as he doesn’t appear to be sowing down by any means.

Wizkid, who was as of late highlighted on US Based Hunter Magazine, discussed several things to incorporate his music, he universal market and then some.

The COME CLOSER crooner on music, clarified that despite the fact that he will probably make music for the world, he is however placated with his fanbase right now.1 - Wizkid  Said  He has Started Working On A New Album

Having been the yet of many jokes as to him attempting to live and act like afrobeat legend Fela, Wizkid made it clear this isn’t the situation., He clarified that in spite of the fact that he worships the afrobeat legend, he however isn’t attempting to live like him.

11 - Wizkid  Said  He has Started Working On A New Album

On being labeled as the substance of Afrobeats:

I’m not by any means considering myself to be the one champion of the development. I’m quite recently contributing my own particular little part. Keep the development moving, and take it there, you know? I’d say we make afro-pop. I don’t simply make afrobeats… I make music. I draw motivation from everywhere. From dancehall reggae, afrobeat, American music too. Whatever I tune in to, I draw motivation from.

On the likenesses amongst himself and the incredible Fela Anikulapo-Kuti:

Each craftsman has that one individual that roused them, or a gathering of craftsmen that enlivened them. Fela happens to be a major motivation to my music, Bob Marley also. So I’m quite recently here spreading great vibes. I’m not attempting to live like Fela or do what he has done. I simply value all that he did when he was alive and I am here to make my own particular heritage.

11 1 - Wizkid  Said  He has Started Working On A New Album

On desires from his music on the worldwide scene:

The point is not by any stretch of the imagination to traverse. I simply need to make great music for the world. It’s truly not in my psyche to traverse to America. I have my own particular fan base, which is Africa. What’s more, I simply need to continue nourishing that fan base and expectation it develops.

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