Music: Action Bronson – 9-24-7000 Feat. Rick Ross

Action Bronson 9 24 7000 Feat. Rick Ross - Music: Action Bronson – 9-24-7000 Feat. Rick Ross
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Action Bronson – 9-24-7000 Feat. Rick Ross

Action Bronson shares another track from his upcoming LP.


Things are finally looking up for Action Bronson after a period where it seemed nothing was going right.

The rapper will be dropping his much-anticipated new album Blue Chips 7000 this coming Friday (August 25th) and with three singles from that project already available to the public, Bronson is adding a fourth to that group, debuting “9-24-7000.” The new song follows “Durag vs. Headband,” “Let Me Breathe” and “The Chairman’s Intent,” the latter boasting a kick-ass, VHS-style music video that featured some hilarious moments from the rapper.

“9-24-7000” features the boss man himself, Rick Ross, on the vocals that are set against this amazing-sounding retro lounge instrumental. It’s the kind of music you’d expect to hear in some funkafied 1970’s Jacuzzi session, complete with babes in bikinis, champagne on ice and some expensive imported cigars. In other words, it’s the perfect production for tw

o of the most outsized personalities in all of rap music. The lyrics detail some of the behind-the-scenes moments from living the high life, from world tours to “fish bowlin’” new Impalas. Ross comes in about halfway through the track, with a relaxed delivery that just heightens the aura of co

nfidence and breeziness that the song carries so effortlessly from note to note. Closing your eyes and imagining some visuals to go along with the music is quite the sensory experience.

Speaking of sensory experiences, Action Bronson is also wading into the world of cooking instruction with his new book titled F**k, That’s Delicious: An Annotated Guide to Eating Well. It features some delectable recipes from the big man that range from the traditional, like chicken parm, to other creations that, like Bronson, are a little more off-the-wall. In any event, you’re going to want to pick yourself up a copy if you enjoy things that taste good.




Music: Action Bronson – 9-24-7000 Feat. Rick Ross

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