Music: Bishop Nehru – WW3 (World War 3)

BISHOP - Music: Bishop Nehru – WW3 (World War 3)
Written by Ayomide

 WW3 World War 3BISHOP - Music: Bishop Nehru – WW3 (World War 3)

Bishop Nehru returns with new heat.

Bishy Chulo is back with another one.

In tandem with his 21st birthday (August 26), New York-bred rapper Bishop Nehru has decided that it’s better to give than to receive as he gifts us with his latest “WW3 (World War 3)” cut.

The track couldn’t have arrived at a more fitting time, what with nuclear winter becoming more and more of a reality with each passing day.

Produced by Nehru himself, the backdrop of “WW3” arrives with a sample of Portishead’s “Elysium,” as Bishop’s signature delivery turns the dial to attack mode.

In the past year, things have been pretty quiet from the young emcee save for a few freebies and guest spots, the last of which arrived in the form of his appearance on Lou Phelps’ 001: Experiments mixtape on the project’s closer, “LAST CALL.”

January of this year marked the rollout of his “Ridaya” single, and last month he posted a previously unheard track from 2014.

We’re currently waiting on the follow up to his last full-length effort, 2016’s MAGIC: 19, and if his lyrics are any indication, that wait may soon be over, as he chants, “Get ready for war” before the track fades out.

The last we heard, Nas was heading up Bishop’s next project as executive producer, even after Nehru’s amicable split from Nas’ Mass Appeal label.

“While I was working on it, he was getting involved in stuff already. I think it’s pretty much finished, so I guess his involvement is already done,” Bishop told last summer. “There’s a couple more tracks that I personally want to add. I guess his involvement is pretty much done with everything.”

Since then, talks of the album’s arrival have pretty much gone cold. Let’s just hope our suspicions are correct when it comes to the public service announcement attached to “WW3.”

Bishop Nehru – WW3 (World War 3)

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