Things to know before falling in love (A must read for Ladies)

LOVE - Things  to know before falling  in love  (A must read  for Ladies)
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Things to know before falling in love


LOVE - Things  to know before falling  in love  (A must read  for Ladies)

Love is a special feeling; those who have had this feeling know what I mean. Those who haven’t experienced it yet, yearn for it. A majority of people are happy with their love lives, but there are also others who are not too happy and always think about how wonderful it would have been had they known beforehand how it would be to fall in love. Since we don’t want you to feel regret after you take the plunge, we have listed the top 10 things you should know before falling in love.
10. First step to love is friendship

First things first: there isn’t a relationship we’re in that doesn’t carry with it some shades of friendship. So, you must know that even love begins with friendship. If you like someone, the first thing you should do is strike a chord of friendship with them. Thus, friendship is considered the first step to love; so make friends very wisely and be very selective.
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9. Is it love or infatuation?

What most people call “falling in love” is usually just a case of infatuation; people like to feel infatuated and love to indulge in this feeling, confusing it with love. It feels good to be in love, but infatuation can only last a short while. Founding a relationship on infatuation alone will fall flat very early and will leave you heartbroken, so be doubly sure about the difference between love and infatuation.

8. How trustworthy is your partner

Trust is the primary requirement of any relationship and, in the case of love, it becomes an all-important prerequisite. It is important for partners to have faith in each other for a lasting relationship. If you do not trust the other person or have doubts about them, it is advisable to not be emotionally bonded with that person, because a heartbreak later will be more painful.
7. Love is more than chance

There is undoubtedly a certain element of chance involved in falling in love. But as the relationship will gain course, you will realize that love is more than the liberty of friendship and stronger than the feeling of infatuation. You will lose the sense that your relationship is just out of chance and it will become a mutually-unbreakable bond.
6. Love demands care

When you are just friends with a person, you – as an individual – have a lot of freedom and space, but as you fall in love, you have to shoulder the responsibly of another individual emotionally bonded with you. You are expected to care more dearly and behave more rationally with this person. This may end up feeling like a burden if you aren’t a loving and caring person.

5. Love only matures with time

Love is no bullet that will pierce the heart and make a space in a split second. Love takes time to sink in; it is a never-ending process, which takes time to mature. You begin to love certain qualities and abilities of the person and, with time, personalities of both individuals begin to merge and gradually turn into love.
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4. Similar thoughts about love

When the emotional bonding between individuals becomes broader and deeper, love begins to develop. When love begins to develop, you are bound to spend most of your time with that one person. In such a situation, differences in opinion are bound to take place and, most of the time, these are a part of loving; the expectations and emotions regarding love should, however, be similar.
3. It’s not about sex

Many believe that love means getting laid; in other words, love is an easy way to have sex. This isn’t really true. Falling in love is all about the purity in all forms of feeling, emotions and bonding. It isn’t about sex, though it may be a part of the relationship. So, it is very important to get this out of the mind that love is only about sex.
2. Love means spending time

As friends, you may or may not have time for your pals, but as lovers you need to find time for each other. No matter how hectic your schedule, you have to make it a point to spend time with your lover to keep the relationship rolling. The more time one spends with one’s lover, the more the feeling of loving and being loved is going to grow.

1. Pain is part of love

Love has its share of pain and when you are in love, you must be prepared to face it. You will experience pain on many occasions, but true love will only endure and grow in tough situations. In all likely scenarios, your partner will stand with you shoulder-to-shoulder in tough situations, but if your partner tries to cut lose in such a situation, you may have to end it before the final commitment.
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