PHOTO: 10 Top oldest people in the world

OLLD - PHOTO: 10 Top oldest people  in the world

8. Tae Ito

 Year Established: 114 years, 102 days
 Date of Birth: July 11, 1903
Country of Origin:  Japan
Sex: Female

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Tae Ito, who was conceived in 1903 like a few of the other individuals on this rundown, is yet another supercentenarian from Japan. She is as of now the fifth most established living individual in Japan and the most seasoned individual living in the Iwate prefecture. Ito consumed her entire time on earth working in horticulture and resigned at 90 years old. Since her 111th birthday celebration, Ito has been wheelchair-bound, however her family said that regardless she jumped at the chance to peruse and do origami with her companions. She was hitched in 1925 and had nine youngsters. At her 114th birthday celebration, which was over the mid year, it was accounted for that seven of her kids are as yet living and that despite everything she appreciates perusing, yet is not any more ready to make origami.

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