The 9 Types Of People You Will Meet In Lagos Traffic

In Lagos, movement is has turned into an unavoidable piece of our every day lives. Each choice you make is controlled by whether the movement makes it plausible.

That Lagos is crowded is as of now a well established actuality, more than 21m individuals live here, yet the clog on the city’s streets is because of different elements, as well – and its consequences for life there now woven into its way of life.

I once heard somebody say Lagos is basically two urban communities in one. You can’t contrast Lagos with some other state regarding movement.

As though Lagos activity isn’t sufficiently upsetting without anyone else, you are probably going to meet one of these characters who volunteer simply disappoint your life while in rush hour gridlock.

1. The Ones Always Begging To Change Lane

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Once there’s a little movement on the other lane, they start begging to switch lane and once that one is blocked too, they find a way to go back.

This kind of people dey always get pity face unless you’re heartless you won’t pity them.

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