Dating a man for over 4 years is a total waste of time says Toke Makinwa

1 - Dating a man for over 4 years is a total waste of time says Toke Makinwa
Written by Mubarak H.

Toke Makinwa in her new vlog has declared that dating a guy for a 5 years is a total waste of time.

Talking in the video, Toke who is separated from her ex, Maje Ayide likewise announced that she’s talking for a fact as she’s additionally being in a long haul relationship.

She expressed that having a long haul relationship does not mean a cheerful wedded life when the couple choose to get married. She said;

“I don’t comprehend why you should date somebody for more than over two years. That is my take. I have an inclination that on the off chance that you meet somebody, two years is conventional, two and half years is better than average, By three years, its like ‘what again are your attempting to discover’.

What didn’t you discover in the first and second year. I feel like 5 years is taking the piece and for a long time, you are completely having a giggle. By 10 years, it resembles “would you say you are the ruler of the rings? I can state this since I have been in a long haul relationship so I can disclose to you how I feel about it. My answer is no in light of the fact that I feel like in many cases, long romances don’t mean a glad marriage.

Sometimes you find people who date forever and when they get married, they don’t make it past that year or two or three years. You find people who get married in a year and a half and 10 years down the line, they are still together. When people show you who they are, you have to believe them.

If you find yourself in a five year, seven years 10 years relationship, it is enough for you to sit back and ask the guy what is going on and where are we going to?

Why would you want to date someone for seven years. In that seven years, some people have gotten together, gotten married, had children, divorced and you are still this person’s girlfriend. There is nothing that you would not find out in three years that you want to find out in eight years.”

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On the recent breakup between Cassie and Diddy, Toke said,

Cassie and Diddy everyone is talking about. They dated for eleven years. She was a baby when they met. This was a girl who came out, had an amazing single, very stunning young lady, all of a sudden she started dating Diddy. A lot of people asked questions because we have all known Diddy as a guy who has found it had to commit. He has had babymamas, he was engaged for a very long time. He has never hidden the fact that he is not the commitment type of guy. I have always often wondered why Cassie stayed that long.

This is a girl that could have done so much more in the last eleven years than traveling with Diddy, kissing him on Instalive and just being his girlfriend. If you are stuck in a relationship with someone who can empower you and all they would rather see you as is a hand bag, girl you should walk away. It semed like she was more into the relationship than her own self development. I don’t kno her and this is not judgement against her because people do whatever it is that makes them happy but I feel that a lot of people tend to date for a long time, hoping that it would either lead to marriage and sometimes it’s often not the case. And now Diddy is dating a younger girl. I almost cried when I heard it. A 26 year old girl.

Cassie if you ever watch the video, you have to upgrade. You have to go and find a Russian billionaire. You know the type if you don’t like to work, they would keep you in Gucci and Gold for the rest of your life. Then just hire Diddy to perform at your wedding. Just hire him because you feel like paying him some coins. That is the best revenge you can give to a guy like that.

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