Man Parks Vehicle On Third Mainland Bridge and Jumps Into The Lagos Lagoon (Photos)

jump in lagos lagoon picture
Written by Mubarak H.

jump in lagos lagoon picture

The man bounced into the Lagos tidal pond

A yet-to-be recognized man left numerous in genuine stun toward the beginning of today in Lagos after he stopped his vehicle on third terrain connect and bounced into the water.

It was assembled that the unidentified man stopped the vehicle which he was driving, and which had different inhabitants, over the extension, with the reason that he needed to ease himself.

Incredibly, he was said to have quite recently bounced over the railings of the extension into the tidal pond.

As per reports, the Marine Police, Lagos state government protect pontoons and neighborhood jumpers have recuperated the body of the jumper in the tidal pond after RRS riders got to the scene very quickly and radioed for help.

The episode has cause an overwhelming activity gridlock in the territory.

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jump in lagos lagoon picture

car packed in lagos mainland bridge picture

laogs mainland bridge horror picture

mainland bridge man jumb in lagos lagoon

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