‘Allow your husband to take charge of the home’ – Dolapo Badmus tells feminists

dolapo2 2 - ‘Allow your husband to take charge of the home’ – Dolapo Badmus tells feminists
Written by Ayomide

Lagos Police Zonal PPRO, Dolapo Badmus, has shared her thoughts on Feminism and what in her opinion it should really be about.

In a post shared on her IG page, Dolapo said a great many people who guarantee to be women’s activists have no clue about what it is about. She exhorted hitched women’s activist ladies to quit “hauling” the administration of their homes with their spouses. She likewise opined that women’s liberation has been the underlying driver of numerous instances of aggressive behavior at home.

She wrote ;

So what is all this about feminism and feminist, I think a lot of people especially women supporting feminism and claiming feminists don’t even have deeper knowledge of the word FEMINISM! Feminism shouldn’t drag you to a point of having marital problems please!

Women are now claiming equal rights with their husbands and their family’s centre can’t hold again! Before you begin to claim and join the movement kindly understand what it connotes! It means as a girl child, you have equal right to Education as the boy child does!

As a girl child you have equal right to healthcare as a boy child does and even in your place of work, you have equal right to positions as your male counterpart does! Yes, you have even equal right with your husband but in exercising your right as a wife, it must be with all sense of humility and submission to your husband! African men are trained to take charge, allow your husband to take charge of the home!

Stop dragging equality with your responsible husband! I have a feeling feminism has brought about too many domestic violence cases (please all men should note that on no account should they assault their wives and also wives are not allowed to do so too, it’s criminal to do such) I think a lot of people are getting this issue of feminism very wrong! What’s your take on this issue?! Let’s enlighten ourselves please.

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