Tribal mark model narrates how she fell pregnant as a teen and became homeless because she couldn’t face her father

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Written by Ayomide

Adetutu OJ, the model with prominent tribal marks who became popular after she indicated interest to model for Rihanna, has spoken for the first time about a very dark part of her past.

Amid a meeting with LITV, the model said she ended up pregnant in her teenagers and was excessively anxious, making it impossible to confront her strict dad, so she fled from home and started to rest in the city.

Adetutu educated the dad of her youngster and he advised all her the pregnancy. Notwithstanding, whenever she went to his home, he had moved without leaving a follow or a contact with which to contact him.

The pregnant adolescent said she had no place to go. Relatives and family companions declined to help her because of a paranoid fear of her strict dad ao she bega destitute.

She started to meander around, passing the evenings in void shops and now and then getting doused by the rain.

Just before she had her infant, she went to the Redeemed Christian Church of God where she saw a standard promoting an establishment for ladies in her condition. She called the number and it ended up being an establishment kept running by Pastor Ituah Ighodalo.

He helped her enlist for WAEC and she started going to exercises while pregnant. She additionally sat for the WAEC exams when the time came. At the point when her infant was conceived, they helped her put the child up for child care for a long time.

Following 4 years, when Adetutu was set up to a degree, she returned for her tyke and they presently live respectively.


Listen to her narrate this painful part of her past to LITV in the video below.

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