30 Ways to Test Whether That Guy/Girl Truly Love you

  • Attraction test: Is he/she attracted to the content or container that is it about your person or your body.
  • Purpose test: Will the relationship be temporal or forever, what exactly is the basis of your love.
  • Vision test: Does your vision unite you or divide you, do you compliment him and does he add values to you.
  •  Activity test: Are you planning for tomorrow or all you care about is the excitement of today. Do you see a future together are you guarding it or destroying it
  • Caring test: What does he care about your life or body, your present or future? Is the care genuine or to get through to you.
  • Longevity test: is it for now or forever.
  • Starting test: How did it all started, was is based on friendship, infatuation or lust.
  • Purity test: Do you stand for righteousness or engaging in sexual immoralities.
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