Slay queen cries out after her panties got stolen in Lagos hotel (Video)

symba2 - Slay queen cries out after her panties got stolen in Lagos hotel (Video)
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American video vixen and model, Symba has narrated how a hotel cleaner in the Lekki area of Lagos State recently stole her panties including that of her friend.

symba2 - Slay queen cries out after her panties got stolen in Lagos hotel (Video)

This is happening amid rumours of female panties being utilized by internet fraudsters popularly known as ‘Yahoo Boys’ for money-making rituals.

According to the curvy Black American, she was smart enough to discover the missing panties and alerted the hotel authorities that in turn summoned the suspected cleaner.

symba - Slay queen cries out after her panties got stolen in Lagos hotel (Video)

“A few days ago I went to my friends hotel which is Villa Thirty Three in Lekki, my girlfriends are staying there and I was at the office for the whole day, so I decided to go by their place to shower. I showered and I ended up staying there. When I stayed there overnight.”

The next morning currently, someone cleans up before I awakened. someone cleans the space. I showered and that i leave, I’m gone for the entire day and its like 8pm currently, the night when, and one thing keeps telling Maine, “go to Gizel’s room!!”, “go to Gizel’s room!!”, therefore i am going upstairs currently, and that i play the door therefore i am going and alter within the rest room. once I need to the lavatory, no panties” she same in a very video message denote on line.

She asked her girlfriends concerning the missing panties however they’d no satisfactory answers concerning the missing underclothing. She recalled however a male cleaner was on the road her area suspiciously whereas he cleansed up the space. She later forwarded her complaints to the edifice management.

“I needed to create a report on him (cleaner) cos I didn’t just like the manner he was moving. Like i used to be within the shower, he went downstairs to travel get Maine a towel, he came back upstairs and gave Maine this long stare. He wasn’t simply moving however a cleaner ought to move. therefore I went downstairs to talk to the management. Management comes and management is like. I’m management “I left my panties within the rest room and when the cleaner cleansed, its missing,” she said.

Symba same she insisted to the management that her panties was missing and he or she features a video of the last location that wasn’t essentially true. The cleaner was confronted concerning this and he admitted that he threw away the panties. She educated the cleaner to travel fetch her panties from the trash bin despite however long it’d take him. In concerning seven minutes, the edifice cleaner later came back with 2 panties in a very bag. the opposite panties belonged to her friend WHO didn’t mark of her missing panties.

Symba same she has demanded an on the spot apology from the house owners of the edifice that they need did not do to date. Symba additionally urged women to watch out concerning however they place their panties around to forestall the thievery of them particularly in Nigeria wherever individuals sell panties for diabolic

From her account, it is evident that Symba has a vivid knowledge of panties being used for rituals in Nigeria. According to her narration, the act of ‘juju’ might bring the lady bad luck in the nearest future’.

Symba is a regular visitor in Nigeria where she has engaged in professional photoshoots and the attendance of high-profile social events in Lagos State.

Watch video of Symba narrating her experience below:

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